Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Recycle Your Cardboard into Useful Items

If you avoid throwing your cardboard onto the land skip, why not use your cardboard to make something useful?

Fabric Storage

For those of you crafty individuals out there who love to sew, cardboard boxes can be used to help keep your fabric from becoming wrinkled while in storage. All you need to do is cut out pieces of cardboard into the correct size and start wrapping your fabric around the cardboard. Not only does this help the fabric from becoming wrinkled, but it also helps for organization.

Cardboard Structures for Kids

It is easy to run out of craft ideas for your children if you have gone through almost every idea ever given to you. But have you ever tried cardboard structures? With these structures your child's imagination can take the project almost anywhere. Some great ideas to try are their favorite cartoon characters, sports figurines, or even simple things like butterfly's and cars for the younger children.

Cardboard Drawer Dividers

This recycling project is very simple and a quick task to complete. If there are any drawers in your home that lack organization, all you need to do is simply cut out a piece of cardboard that fit's the length and height of your drawer and than slide it in. To make sure the cardboard piece does not linger, you can add an adhesive of your choice.

French Styled Storage Containers

By adding white paint to a cardboard box, along with small delicate stencils you can find yourself with a beautiful French style box to store your personal items in. To further the project you can use a piece of cardboard from another box to add a lid to the top of your new storage unit. For the lid you can use tape to go around the edges and diminish the rippled line caused from cutting the cardboard.

Watch Nichola Chan make a pair of chairs from cardboard: