Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Recycling Cardboard Boxes

As our world grows older year after year scientists struggle to find more ways to rid the environment of any and all pollutants lingering in the air and on the ground. Because of the hard work and efforts of our environmental scientists, our societies industries around the world are all in competition to become the greenest company. Because of the new trend in going green many packaging industries have switched to using cardboard boxes for their main packaging method because of the ease of recycling and safety benefits for their products. Although certain items cannot always be shipped in 100% recycle material, it is most certainly the industries top priority as a green company to provide their customers with green material.

Recycling Cardboard Boxes

Industries will find that using cardboard boxes to package their products will help in keeping the earth clean and promote recycling to all of their customers. The industries who do use cardboard boxes to promote environmental friendliness should always provide a logo or card inside of the package stating the reasoning behind them using cardboard products. When customers view the logo/card they become impressed with the companies attempt to making the world a better place and will most likely help promote your business to friends and family.

Safety Benefits

Packaging designers have now created brilliant Retail Ready Packaging supplies that offers 100% recyclable items that still offer structural strength and durability. This is usually done by adding a triple layer of corrugated material to add the extra support for the boxes. To support electronic items and glass wear with extra protections there are 100% recycle sheets of durable wrapping paper to prevent any breaks during transit. So while your industry is aiming towards a greener planet, they can also do so while keeping their products safe from breaks and scratches.

Using Paper Sacks

You might not consider paper sacks to be strong and durable but you will be surprised.  Small paper bags are used in supermarkets for plain flour and sugar.  In America, paper bags are used to help you take your grocery shopping from the till to your vehicle.  In industry paper sacks are used by contract packing and contract bagging suppliers to bag cement, finishing plaster, tile adhesive and more.  Don't discount the possibility to use strong paper instead of plastic which is bad for the environment.

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